Anti-Fracking Movement Portent of Things to Come?

It started last year in Longmont with Ballot Question 300, which put a moratorium on hydraulic fracking. The idea has gained momentum with environmentalists and encouraged them to take the issue elsewhere in our region. In this year’s election Fort Collins and Lafayette passed similar measures. The vote in Broomfield remains to close to callContinue reading “Anti-Fracking Movement Portent of Things to Come?”

Fort Collins Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide Fracking Fate

It is all the rage for progressive towns in Colorado – on Jan. 23rd the City Council bowed to pressure from citizens opposed to fracking by agreeing to put the question to a public vote. But how would such a ban impact the City? According to current Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission setback rules,Continue reading “Fort Collins Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide Fracking Fate”