Fort Collins: Candidate Slate for Municipal Election

CSU Professor Wade Troxell who has served as the Council representative for District 4 for eight years, will face off against outdoors advocate Ward Luthi in the mayoral race. Businessman and former mayor Ray Martinez is running against retired teacher and school board member Nancy Tellez for the District 2 seat.Continue reading “Fort Collins: Candidate Slate for Municipal Election”

Fort Collins: REALTOR Running for City Council

Eric Kronwall has announced he is a candidate for Fort Collins City Council from District 4. Kronwall, a longtime Realtor, past member of FCBR’s Government Affairs Committee and veteran political strategist made his announcement Tuesday. NAR always encourages Realtors to seek political office but it doesn’t happen often. Kudos to Eric! Wade Troxell, who current representsContinue reading “Fort Collins: REALTOR Running for City Council”

Fort Collins: Consultants Offer Affordable Housing Recommendations

Economic & Planning Systems (EPS) has released a housing affordability policy study for the City of Fort Collins Social Sustainability Department.  EPS says that the problems facing the City are “modest” at this point, noting that households with an income under $25,000 are struggling to find affordable housing. Ideas suggested by EPS are also relativelyContinue reading “Fort Collins: Consultants Offer Affordable Housing Recommendations”

Fort Collins: City to Appeal Fracking Ruling

The Fort Collins City Council voted 6-1 to appeal the ruling by a district judge overturning the five year fracking moratorium in the City. Following Longmont’s lead, the resolution passed by the Council directs staff to request a stay on the court’s decision pending the outcome of the appeal, which would delay the judge’s ruling fromContinue reading “Fort Collins: City to Appeal Fracking Ruling”

Larimer County: Municipalities Divided on Open Space Tax Proposal

The Fort Collins City Council announced its support for the County’s proposal to increase the County’s share of the quarter cent open space sales tax revenue from 42 to 50 percent. However, the Loveland City Council expressed concerns with the proposal, which is opposed by Loveland’s Open Lands Advisory Commission. The difference between the twoContinue reading “Larimer County: Municipalities Divided on Open Space Tax Proposal”

Fort Collins Council Approves Important Change to Landmark Designation Code

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS supported a code change that was just approved by City Council that requires the signatures of at least 3 people on a petition to request a non-consensual historic designation. Currently it only takes the signature of one person for such a request to be considered. The idea that oneContinue reading “Fort Collins Council Approves Important Change to Landmark Designation Code”

Fort Collins Staff Says Building Code Updates Always Add Cost

Fort Collins staff is preparing to make recommendations to City Council regarding the 2012 International Residential. That discussion has been postponed until December 3, but in a presentation to the FCBR Government Affairs Committee Chief Building Official Mike Gebo offered his thoughts and made some interesting observations. Gebo said every code update increases construction costContinue reading “Fort Collins Staff Says Building Code Updates Always Add Cost”

Fort Collins Council Approves Mall Financing

The Fort Collins City Council acting as the Urban Renewal Authority approved several resolutions to approve the public financing mechanisms needed to renovate the Foothills Mall. The City will use a complex package of funding instruments, two of which impact property taxes and two affect sales taxes.  The creation of a metropolitan district means increasedContinue reading “Fort Collins Council Approves Mall Financing”

Fort Collins Student Housing Plan Approved

The City Council also passed a resolution on Feb. 26 supporting SHAP — the Student Housing Action Plan  — although it was clear that the plan’s complicated action items were still confusing. Initially a student housing plan and a multi-family housing plan were two separate projects. However, part way through the process the two wereContinue reading “Fort Collins Student Housing Plan Approved”

Fort Collins Council Votes 4-3 to Proceed with Home Size Limits

The Fort Collins City Council voted to proceed with Option A, which includes revised Floor Area Ratio (FAR) limits and a package of other less egregious design guidelines, in the latest proposal to protect neighborhood compatibility in the Eastside and Westside neighborhoods. During the discussion Council members frequently referred to homes that were selected asContinue reading “Fort Collins Council Votes 4-3 to Proceed with Home Size Limits”