Fort Collins: Council Poised to Increase Capital Expansion Fees

On May 16, the Fort Collins City Council voted 7-0 to pass an ordinance on first reading to increase capital expansion fees (CEFs), which are charged for new residential and commercial/industrial developments to “make growth pay its own way.” Fort Collins began charging a transportation CEF, previously known as the street oversizing fee, in 1979Continue reading “Fort Collins: Council Poised to Increase Capital Expansion Fees”

Fort Collins: Homebuilders, REALTORS® Make Candidate Endorsements

The Northern Colorado Home Builders Association announced it is endorsing the following candidates in the Fort Collins City Council election – for mayor Wade Troxell, in District 1: Nate Budd
and in District 3 Ken Summers. 
The HBA made no endorsement in the District 5 race. The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® announced its “Future ofContinue reading “Fort Collins: Homebuilders, REALTORS® Make Candidate Endorsements”

Fort Collins: City to Continue NISP Discussions

The Fort Collins City Council voted 6-1 (with Bob Overbeck dissenting) to permit staff to continue discussions with Northern Water on Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) mitigation measures for the Poudre River. Northern Water says the proposed project includes enhancements for the river. The draft proposal includes streamflow commitments to enhance low flows and protectContinue reading “Fort Collins: City to Continue NISP Discussions”

Fort Collins: Council Adopts Construction Defects Ordinance

With little discussion, the Fort Collins City Council adopted its construction defects ordinance on second reading. As before, Ross Cunniff and Bob Overbeck voted against it, saying they support the need for more multi-family housing but not the ordinance.

Fort Collins: Council Gives Preliminary Approval for I-25 Funding

The City Council approved an ordinance on first reading to make a $30,000 donation to the Fix North I-25 Business Alliance. The money will be used in the Alliance’s public relations and lobbying efforts. Donations to the Alliance have also been approved by the city councils of Greeley and Fort Collins.

Fort Collins: City to Move Ahead with Construction Defects Ordinance

The Fort Collins City Council decided to move forward with its own construction defect ordinance after a discussion on Feb. 9. Two Councilors (Ross Cunniff and Bob Overbeck) appeared to have misgivings about the concept, saying they were concerned about protecting homeowner’s rights, however, the mayor and majority of Council agreed that a local ordinanceContinue reading “Fort Collins: City to Move Ahead with Construction Defects Ordinance”

Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Fix North I-25 Coalition

The Loveland City Council approves a funding request from the Fix North I-25 Coalition in the amount of $20,000. So far, the Coalition (led by David May, CEO of the Fort Collins Chamber and me) has been very successful in increasing awareness and support for the expansion of North I-25 (Highway 14 to Colorado 66),Continue reading “Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Fix North I-25 Coalition”

Longmont: Construction Defect Ordinance Debate

The Longmont City Council had a “pre-session” meeting on Jan. 12 during which supporters and opponents of construction defects legislation debated the issue. There was little time for questions and no public comments were allowed. Cherie Talbot of the Denver Metro Homebuilders Association told the Council that liability insurance for condominiums costs developers three timesContinue reading “Longmont: Construction Defect Ordinance Debate”

Fort Collins: Landlord Registration Program for West Central Area?

The FCBR Government Affairs Committee was not pleased to learn that the draft plan for the West Central neighborhood includes a recommendation to consider a landlord registration program. The plan will go before the City Council on March 17, leaving FCBR without adequate time to prepare a position on the issue. FCBR has traditionally opposedContinue reading “Fort Collins: Landlord Registration Program for West Central Area?”

Fort Collins: Climate Action Plan Approved

The City Council unanimously approved a resolution adopting the 2015 Climate Action Plan (CAP), which will increase the City’s goals for reducing greenhouse emissions in the coming years with the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. The framework for the CAP calls for reducing carbon dioxide emissions communitywide by 20 percent compared to 2005Continue reading “Fort Collins: Climate Action Plan Approved”