CARPAC Donates to Transit Alliance

At its fall business meetings CARPAC approved a $10,000 donation to the Transit Alliance. The Alliance “is an influential public-advocacy organization that works to enhance communities and people’s lives by cultivating a healthy, resilient and more sustainable lifestyle by supporting transit, active transportation and increased mobility.” The Transit Alliance is known for its work supportingContinue reading “CARPAC Donates to Transit Alliance”

Boulder: BRT Becomes Priority for Northwest Line

Bus rapid transit (BRT) and not rail, is moving to the top of RTD’s priority list for the Northwest Corridor. RTD’s Board of Directors adopted the recommendations of the Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS), a collaborative effort with northwest area governments and transportation partners to achieve consensus on a set of recommendations to improve mobilityContinue reading “Boulder: BRT Becomes Priority for Northwest Line”

Longmont Council Discusses Transportation

The Longmont City Council discussed the latest studies regarding FasTracks and the proposed Northwest rail line — and were disappointed with what they learned. By a 6-0 vote  (Gabe Santos was absent), the Council asked its legal staff to study whether Longmont can put its FasTracks sales tax funds into an escrow account until it getsContinue reading “Longmont Council Discusses Transportation”

RTD Study Will Evaluate Rail Route Options in Boulder County

According to the current FasTracks plan, RTD’s North Metro Rail Line will end at 162nd Avenue and SH 7 in northern Adams County. The Northwest Rail Line would follow US 36 to Boulder and Highway 119 to Longmont. The Northwest Rail Line’s original completion date of 2016 has been pushed back to 2044 because ofContinue reading “RTD Study Will Evaluate Rail Route Options in Boulder County”

Longmont’s 1st and Main Project Delayed

The 1st and Main transportation center construction will be delayed pending the outcome of the Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) being conducted by RTD. In October the City Council approved a FasTracks policy document asking RTD to consider a possible alternative to the Northwest Rail Corridor from Boulder to Longmont. The alternative alignment would beContinue reading “Longmont’s 1st and Main Project Delayed”

RTD Directors Vote No

The Regional Transportation District Board of Directors decided not to pursue a tax increase in November that would have funded a hybrid rail/bus line from Denver to Longmont. All 12 members of the RTD board said the timing is wrong for any kind of tax hike and too many questions remain about the plan. TheContinue reading “RTD Directors Vote No”

RTD Chooses Hybrid Option

RTD’s Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of the “hybrid option” to build the FasTracks Northwest Rail Line. This option keeps the Northwest Rail Line to Longmont in the FasTracks plan, but would phase in commuter rail while also implementing a bus rapid transit system. The plan would bring rail to Church Ranch BoulevardContinue reading “RTD Chooses Hybrid Option”

Council Considers Transportation Funding Idea

At a recent study session City staff and the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) again brought up the need for additional revenues to pay for road & bridge infrastructure, saying the funding gap is approximately $3 million. One solution, which has been considered and rejected by Council in the past, is a transportation fee. However, theContinue reading “Council Considers Transportation Funding Idea”