Fort Collins: Voters Will Consider De-Brucing (Again)

TABOR (the Taxpayer Bill of Rights), is complicated – very complicated – and the resulting challenges are endless. Fort Collins voters gave the City the authority to “de-Bruce,” or keep additional revenues, in 1997. In 2010 voters approved a .85 percent sales and use tax called Keeping Fort Collins Great (KFCG) in 2010. The taxContinue reading “Fort Collins: Voters Will Consider De-Brucing (Again)”

Larimer: 3rd Candidate Makes Commissioner Ballot

Fort Collins resident and perennial candidate Eric Sutherland successfully petitioned his way on the November ballot. Sutherland cites problems with government transparency as his main reason for running. He claims that the County over-collected revenues from the 1997 courthouse sales tax that will be used to pay for the new County facility in downtown Loveland. InContinue reading “Larimer: 3rd Candidate Makes Commissioner Ballot”