Never Be Forgotten

Have you taken advantage of the ePropertyWatch™ service yet? Provided to you FOR FREE with your IRES MLS subscription, ePropertyWatch helps you stay in touch with past clients until they are ready to sell, buy, or make a referral. ePropertyWatch is a proven email and web service homeowners love.  The monthly report is full ofContinue reading “Never Be Forgotten”

 Use AVMs to Your Advantage with ePropertyWatch!

 Use AVMs to Your Advantage  You may have heard the term “AVM” without really understanding what AVMs are or how they are used.  Short for Automated Valuation Model, an AVM is a tool that estimates a property’s value.  “Automated” means that a computer program performs all the calculations—no human adjustments to the estimated property value.Continue reading ” Use AVMs to Your Advantage with ePropertyWatch!”