Longmont: Boston-Sunset Annexation Request Approved

The City Council approved a request by Riverset, LLC annex approximately seven acres on the northeast corner of Boston Avenue and Sunset Street, west of the St. Vrain Creek Greenway. The property is currently in Boulder County jurisdiction and is zoned General Industrial (GI), though it is in the city’s municipal service area. The EnvisionContinue reading “Longmont: Boston-Sunset Annexation Request Approved”

Longmont: Staff Gives City “B” Redevelopment Grade

Staff used a Redevelopment-Ready Guide created by the State of Michigan to rate Longmont’s current policies, practices and public investment toolbox that use limited public dollars and investment to attract private investment, grow jobs, provide new housing, and the build tax base. Overall, staff gave the City a B, saying Longmont is on the rightContinue reading “Longmont: Staff Gives City “B” Redevelopment Grade”

Longmont: Envision Longmont Approved

The City Council approved Envision Longmont, the City’s comprehensive plan update on June 28th with little fanfare. The land use sections of the document are reasonable and uncontroversial. Envision Longmont sets a goal of “ten percent of homes built annually to be permanently affordable housing” but the roadmap for achieving this goal is to beContinue reading “Longmont: Envision Longmont Approved”

Longmont: LAR Comments on Envision Longmont

Longmont’s revised comprehensive plan (comp plan), Envision Longmont, will be considered for adoption by the City Council on June 28. LAR’s Government Affairs Committee spent hours reviewing the document. A comp plan is generally a long-range planning document that defines where and how development will happen. It will affect every policy the City adopts, fromContinue reading “Longmont: LAR Comments on Envision Longmont”

Boulder: Land Use Code Update

With Envision Longmont scheduled for adoption in June, an update to the Land Development Code (LDC) is being undertaken in 2016. The update will implement recommended actions of Envision Longmont and other related plans. The overall goal of the project is to update areas of the LDC so that it is consistent with current trends,Continue reading “Boulder: Land Use Code Update”

Boulder: Council to Pursue Affordable Housing Sales Tax

At a study session the City Council confirmed its desire to set a goal of 10 percent for affordable housing units (rental and owned). Using this number, it means currently Longmont would need 3,800 housing units to meet this goal. In her opening remarks, Kathy Fedler the City’s Housing and Community Investment Manager, noted “WeContinue reading “Boulder: Council to Pursue Affordable Housing Sales Tax”

Longmont: Comp Plan Close to Completion

Envision Longmont, the latest version of the City’s long-range plan, is nearly finished. An open house is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Longmont Public Library for public comment. The Longmont Association of REALTORS will review and comment on the draft. While many concepts included in Envision Longmont are laudable, itContinue reading “Longmont: Comp Plan Close to Completion”

Longmont: Mayor Pro Tem Stirs Up Annexation Issue

Observers are puzzled by Longmont Mayor Pro Tem Brian Bagley’s recent announcement that the City needs to focus on securing its northern and eastern boundaries. Bagley listed three ideas: 1) Longmont should acquire land and create an open space buffer at 66 and I-25 between Weld County Roads 3.5 and 5; 2) A policy shouldContinue reading “Longmont: Mayor Pro Tem Stirs Up Annexation Issue”