IRES’s New Contacts Dashboard Functionality Raises the Bar in Performance

We are constantly researching and implementing new technologies for our customers — the brokers and agents of Northern Colorado. Our latest project began early this year, with the goal of updating our contacts platform. We are excited to announce, the week of May 3, we launched the beta version of the new platform. While thereContinue reading “IRES’s New Contacts Dashboard Functionality Raises the Bar in Performance”

RatePlug Now Available to IRESis Subscribers

Better qualify your homebuyers and close faster RESPA compliant co-marketing platform. Included with your IRES MLS subscription. RatePlug provides homebuyers with live, interactive mortgage payment information based on accurate Interest rates, property taxes, insurance and assessments for each property listing they view. Agents benefit with the following benefits/features: Interactive Rate Calculators in your IRES MLSContinue reading “RatePlug Now Available to IRESis Subscribers”