Boulder County: County Adopts Oil and Gas Regulations

On March 23, the Board of County Commissioners voted to adopt new regulations for oil and gas operations in the unincorporated areas of Boulder County. The new regulations are the most stringent in the State of Colorado. During their deliberations, the Commissioners expressed their continued regret and frustration that state law preempts local control inContinue reading “Boulder County: County Adopts Oil and Gas Regulations”

Boulder: County Stalls for Time

At a public hearing on Dec. 13, County staff requested more time to finalize and implement new oil and gas regulations based on direction given by the Board of County Commissioners. In the meantime, a moratorium on new oil and gas development in Boulder County will remain in place through May 1, 2017. County staff saidContinue reading “Boulder: County Stalls for Time”

Boulder County Fracking Debate – Jones versus Hickenlooper

Boulder County officials have been vocal in listing their concerns about oil and gas drilling and have repeatedly requested more extensive regulation. The latest news is that Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones will debate fracking with Governor John Hickenlooper on April 1. “The goal of the 45-minute session is to provide a state vs. localContinue reading “Boulder County Fracking Debate – Jones versus Hickenlooper”