Longmont: Council Finalizes List of Proposed Affordable Housing Policies

On June 30 the Longmont City Council considered a list of possible affordable housing tools and selected the policies it wants staff to pursue. One thing the Council agreed on was that it wants to implement policies that can result in more units within a few years, rather than later. The Council decided not toContinue reading “Longmont: Council Finalizes List of Proposed Affordable Housing Policies”

Longmont: REALTORS Oppose Mandatory Composting

Ed Regel, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Longmont Association of REALTORS told the City Council that the Association does not support mandatory composting at a study session last week. While incentives to encourage residents to compost are not at all problematic to the Association, the idea that the City could requireContinue reading “Longmont: REALTORS Oppose Mandatory Composting”