Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Policy Committee Looks Towards 2017 Session

CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) discussed key issues it will likely address in the upcoming session. First on the list was the Division of Real Estate’s sunset review. The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) will issue a report in November outlining any regulatory changes it recommends. CAR recommend changes to continuing education (45 credits overContinue reading “Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Policy Committee Looks Towards 2017 Session”

“Know Before You Owe” (TILA-RESPA) Effective 10-3-2015

Important News From DORA The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) “Know Before You Owe” mortgage rule (also known as the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule) will be effective October 3, 2015.  This rule consolidates four existing disclosures required under Truth-in-Lending (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) for transactions secured by real estate intoContinue reading ““Know Before You Owe” (TILA-RESPA) Effective 10-3-2015″

Legislative Update

CAR has launched a Call to Action on Senate Bill 177 “HOA Construction Defect Lawsuit Approval Timelines” aka construction defects. This is the same bill CAR supported last year and the LPC voted to support this year’s bill with little discussion. SB-177 was introduced on Feb. 10th and assigned to the Business, Labor and TechnologyContinue reading “Legislative Update”

DORA Recommends Licensing of Home Inspectors

After a sunrise review this year, the Department of Regulatory Agencies has concluded that home inspectors, like other professionals involved in real estate transactions, should be licensed. The report included examples of consumers harmed by the conduct of home inspectors in the past, some of whom engaged in criminal activities in the course of conductingContinue reading “DORA Recommends Licensing of Home Inspectors”

CAR Encourages Sunrise Process for Home Inspector Licensing

Some real estate industry stakeholders, including home inspectors, have been discussing the prospect of licensing home inspectors.  Sen. Todd, from Aurora, is prepared to run some sort of legislation to this end. In the last meeting that CAR lobbyist, Rachel Nance, attended with the stakeholders and Sen. Todd, the idea of running the matter throughContinue reading “CAR Encourages Sunrise Process for Home Inspector Licensing”

Input Need on 2013 Contracts and Forms

The Division of Real Estate and the Colorado Real Estate Commission are seeking input on the 2013 Mandatory Real Estate Contracts and Forms. Comments and suggestions will be accepted via email until March 1, 2013. Send emails to: The Division asks that multiple comments be compiled into one email to cut down on theContinue reading “Input Need on 2013 Contracts and Forms”

Legislative Update

The General Assembly is set to adjourn on May 9. HB-1110 “Appraisal Management Companies” CAR Position – Support. The Division of Real Estate’s bill will regulate appraisal management companies at the state level, requiring background checks, fingerprinting and licensing.Appraisers will also be required to carry errors and omissions insurance; AMCs must post a $25,000 bondContinue reading “Legislative Update”