Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Update

Senate Bill 17-215 “Sunset Licensed Real Estate Brokers & Subdivision Developers” CAR Position – Support. This bill, which continues the Division of Real Estate, the Real Estate commission and the regulation of real estate brokers until 2026. It passed second reading in the Senate on March 27. The bill directs the Real Estate Commission toContinue reading “Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Update”

Colorado Association of Realtors: CAR Attorney Testifies at Pre-Hearing

On January 25th, CAR General Counsel, Scott Peterson testified at the pre-hearing on the Division of Real Estate Sunset before the Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee. This pre-hearing was an opportunity for the committee to hear from the Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Policy Analyst and stakeholders on the DORA Sunset Report. Peterson shared CAR’sContinue reading “Colorado Association of Realtors: CAR Attorney Testifies at Pre-Hearing”

Colorado: Division of Real Estate Aware of Appraisal Problems

A CAR advisory group agreed that appraisal delays are a problem for REALTORS now and in the future. There are fewer appraisers in the industry and more regulations governing their educational requirements and standards. The question is, how can our industry help affect change in another? Fortunately, the Division of Real Estate is alsoContinue reading “Colorado: Division of Real Estate Aware of Appraisal Problems”

Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Policy Committee Looks Towards 2017 Session

CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) discussed key issues it will likely address in the upcoming session. First on the list was the Division of Real Estate’s sunset review. The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) will issue a report in November outlining any regulatory changes it recommends. CAR recommend changes to continuing education (45 credits overContinue reading “Colorado Association of REALTORS: Legislative Policy Committee Looks Towards 2017 Session”

Colorado: Appraisal Delays Impacting Closings

Lately there have been more complaints about appraisals. Not only are late appraisals delaying closings but some appraisers are charging “expedition fees” to get appraisals done in time. Typically, the fee ranges from $200 to about $500. This feels like extortion to buyers and upsets Realtors who see such fees as unethical. The National AssociationContinue reading “Colorado: Appraisal Delays Impacting Closings”

Update on Governor’s Wildfire Task Force

Gov. Hickenlooper has given the Task Force more time to finalize its recommendation. The final report is now due September 30. The Building and Activities subcommittee (BAS) presented its recommendations to the Task Force on July 29. The BAS includes representatives from the Colorado Municipal League, Colorado Counties, Inc., the Colorado Association of Home BuildersContinue reading “Update on Governor’s Wildfire Task Force”

Input Need on 2013 Contracts and Forms

The Division of Real Estate and the Colorado Real Estate Commission are seeking input on the 2013 Mandatory Real Estate Contracts and Forms. Comments and suggestions will be accepted via email until March 1, 2013. Send emails to: The Division asks that multiple comments be compiled into one email to cut down on theContinue reading “Input Need on 2013 Contracts and Forms”

2013 Legislative Preview

At the October Legislative Policy Committee meeting Rachel Nance, CAR’s Vice-President for Public Policy, talked about bills related to real estate that she thinks could be introduced during the 2013 legislative session. HOA Manager Licensing: It is unclear whether this would entail licensing or simply registration, but apparently the Division of Real Estate would likeContinue reading “2013 Legislative Preview”