Longmont Mall Redevelopment to Start This Summer

Twin Peaks Mall will be demolished this summer to make way for The Village at the Peaks shopping center. Fort Collins-based NewMark Merrill Mountain States received the title to the Dillard’s department store building on Tuesday, Feb. 18. Dillard’s had held veto power over any redevelopment at the mall. The Longmont Urban Renewal Authority inContinue reading “Longmont Mall Redevelopment to Start This Summer”

Longmont Council to Use Budget to Flesh Out 2014 Priorities

The City of Longmont finally resolved its disagreement with Dillard’s, which will allow the redevelopment of the Twin Peaks Mall to move forward. Now the Council can focus on its priorities for 2014. Staff’s recommendation to split the retreat into two separate events was approved by the City Council. The split is needed because theContinue reading “Longmont Council to Use Budget to Flesh Out 2014 Priorities”

Longmont Council Moves Forward With Mall Service Plan

Last August the City Council passed a resolution approving a skeletal service plan for the Twin Peaks Metropolitan District. The skeletal service plan allowed the developer to submit a plan to create a special district but precluded the proposed district from engaging in any activities except for those defined as minimally administrative or ministerial activitiesContinue reading “Longmont Council Moves Forward With Mall Service Plan”