Loveland: New Development Code Procedures Move Forward

The City Council reviewed the second working draft of the recommended Development Review Procedures for the Unified Development Code (UDC) this week. The proposed procedures are Task 2 of the overall work plan that includes four subsequent tasks: Infill and Corridor Development Standards; New Residential Districts; Development Standards; and General Modernization. The most significant proceduralContinue reading “Loveland: New Development Code Procedures Move Forward”

Loveland: City Aims for Streamlined, User-Friendly Development Code

The project to create a new Loveland Development Code is underway. The goals of the new code are to make the approval process as simple and efficient as possible, minimize the cost to prepare applications and provide effective citizen participation. For example, under the new process developers would submit sketches for plats and site developmentContinue reading “Loveland: City Aims for Streamlined, User-Friendly Development Code”