Colorado: Initiative Would Cap Front Range Growth

A Golden man’s attempt to cap new growth along the Front Range is one example of why Amendment 71, which makes it harder to change the constitution, is a good idea. Daniel Hayes, who authored a similar measure in Golden years ago, has submitted an initiative for the 2018 ballot. His proposed constitutional amendment would,Continue reading “Colorado: Initiative Would Cap Front Range Growth”

Colorado: Denver Announces More Fees and Taxes for Affordable Housing Program

The City of Denver recently announced a new effort to combat the price of housing. Single-family developments will be charged an additional 60 cents a square foot while multi-family projects will be charged an additional $1.25 per square foot. Most commercial projects will be charged $1.70 a square foot. In addition, all property owners (residentialContinue reading “Colorado: Denver Announces More Fees and Taxes for Affordable Housing Program”

Commerce City Implements Construction Defect Ordinance

Commerce City became the latest Denver-metro city to approve an ordinance altering the way the state’s construction defects law works within city limits. The ordinance gives builders the right to repair defects within certain time constraints and places new requirements on homeowners’ consent before a construction-defects suit can be brought. The ordinance was unanimously approvedContinue reading “Commerce City Implements Construction Defect Ordinance”

Denver Unveils Affordable Housing Plan

On October 6 the City of Denver released its five-year housing plan called Housing Denver. The document is essentially a comprehensive plan for housing. According to Mayor Michael Hancock Housing Denver is “the primary guide informing the city’s housing policies and resource allocations for the next five years.” Housing Denver will be updated annually byContinue reading “Denver Unveils Affordable Housing Plan”

Weld County Commissioners Say Secession is for Real

The Weld County Commissioners created a big stir recently when they announced they are leading an effort to create the new state of North Colorado. While most people believe the Commissioners aren’t serious, Board Chair Sean Conway says “it’s no stunt.” He noted that the Commissioners intend to put this question to the voters inContinue reading “Weld County Commissioners Say Secession is for Real”

Legislative Update

The General Assembly is set to adjourn on May 9. HB-1110 “Appraisal Management Companies” CAR Position – Support. The Division of Real Estate’s bill will regulate appraisal management companies at the state level, requiring background checks, fingerprinting and licensing.Appraisers will also be required to carry errors and omissions insurance; AMCs must post a $25,000 bondContinue reading “Legislative Update”