Longmont: Builder Plans to Complete Blue Vista

David Gregg of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods (formerly known as Boulder Creek Builders) built Phase 1 of Blue Vista before Thistle defaulted on its loan in 2011. Now Gregg has the support of the Blue Vista homeowners to complete the project. Gregg presented the conceptual design to the City Council last week, saying his company didn’tContinue reading “Longmont: Builder Plans to Complete Blue Vista”

Voters to Determine How Berthoud Grows

Growth has always been a contentious issue in Berthoud and once again voters will have the final say. Two petitions focused on annexation were submitted and notarized by the town clerk and the Board of Trustees made the decision on Jan. 14 to put both petition questions on the April 1 ballot. The 80-acre HaworthContinue reading “Voters to Determine How Berthoud Grows”