Loveland: Council Allocates Sales Tax to Affordable Housing

Last week the City Council approved a resolution allocating 1.25 percent of the previous year’s sales tax – or about $500,000 — to the affordable housing fund. The resolution includes a funding cap of $2 million to allow the accumulation of funds over time for matching or back -up grant funding for affordable housing projectsContinue reading “Loveland: Council Allocates Sales Tax to Affordable Housing”

Loveland: Capital Expansion Fee Conversation Drags On

Since 2012 the Council has discussed changes to Capital Expansion Fees (CEFs) for new development. Council member Dave Clark noted that CEFs for a single-family home have increased 800 percent since 1984 when they were introduced. Clark said his home has only appreciated 300 percent since then. He continues to champion reducing fees for residentialContinue reading “Loveland: Capital Expansion Fee Conversation Drags On”

Loveland: Fogle Elected Mayor Pro Tem

John Fogle was elected Mayor Pro Tem at the Nov. 10 City Council. The mayor pro serves when the mayor is absent and as such this is a powerful role. Dave Clark, who had previously held the role made the nomination. Interestingly, no one else was nominated and there was no discussion before the CouncilContinue reading “Loveland: Fogle Elected Mayor Pro Tem”

Loveland: List of Council Candidates Growing

Dave Clark will challenge incumbent Mayor Cecil Gutierrez. The Ward 1 race will feature Rich Ball and Pat McFall. Leah Johnson and Buddy Meyers are the candidates for the Ward 2 seat. So far John Fogle is unopposed in his attempt to gain a second term representing Ward 3. In Ward 4, incumbent Ralph TrenaryContinue reading “Loveland: List of Council Candidates Growing”

Loveland: Council Wants to Revise Affordable Housing Policy

The City Council has waived over a half a million dollars in development fees in the last year and apparently some Councilors aren’t feeling that the City is getting a return on its investment. John Fogle, in particular, made pointed comments about the Giuliano project, which has received over $2 million worth of waivers andContinue reading “Loveland: Council Wants to Revise Affordable Housing Policy”

LBAR Announces Candidate Endorsements

The Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS is endorsing the following City Council candidates: Mayor: Daryle Klassen Ward 1: Troy Krenning Ward 2: Joan Shaffer Ward 3: Hugh McKean (running unopposed) Ward 4: Dave Clark All 5 of these candidates support the as-built certificate concept as a way to ease issues that have arisen due to concealedContinue reading “LBAR Announces Candidate Endorsements”

Five Loveland Council Seats Available in November

A majority of the City Council’s nine seats will be available in the fall general election. Mayor Cecil Gutierrez is eligible to run for a third and final term. Other incumbents who are eligible to run again include Daryle Klassen (Ward 1), Joan Shaffer (Ward 2), Hugh McKean (Ward 3) and Dave Clark (Ward 4).Continue reading “Five Loveland Council Seats Available in November”

Water Discussion Illustrates Loveland Council Division

Another long and tense water debate ended with a 5-3 vote. After months of study sessions the Council had appeared to settle on a complicated funding plan that included long-term debt, internal borrowing and rate increases. However, the issue of whether or not to include $750,000 of general fund money each year for five yearsContinue reading “Water Discussion Illustrates Loveland Council Division”

Opinions Needed on City of Longmont Survey

The Affordable Housing Task Force is conducting a survey to assess the importance of affordable housing as a community value. The task force was created to consider the future of affordable housing after the City Council voted to repeal the inclusionary zoning (deed restricted) ordinance. It is important LAR members participate in the survey. LongmontContinue reading “Opinions Needed on City of Longmont Survey”

Klassen Voted Mayor Pro Tem in Loveland

The importance of the special City Council election for Ward IV is evidenced by one of the first decisions made by Council after Dave Clark’s swearing in. For months the Council was unable to elect a mayor pro tem to replace Cat McEwen after her resignation, splitting 4-4 along party lines. More importantly, this tieContinue reading “Klassen Voted Mayor Pro Tem in Loveland”