Greeley: Greeley Kicks Off Comp Plan Update

This month the City kicked off its update to the comprehensive plan, Imagine Greeley. The comprehensive plan which articulates the City’s long-term vision was first adopted in 1997 and is revised approximately every ten years. In public meetings this month, the City asked the public to provide thoughts on Greeley’s future. What public amenities areContinue reading “Greeley: Greeley Kicks Off Comp Plan Update”

Loveland: Comp Plan Taking Shape

Recently staff provided an update for the City Council on the revisions to the comprehensive plan known as Create Loveland. The plan focuses on nine key elements, including a downtown renaissance, revitalizing older neighborhoods, existing urban centers, corridors and gateways, and transit and transportation. Each element has an array of “supporting strategies” to implement eachContinue reading “Loveland: Comp Plan Taking Shape”

Longmont: Mayor Pro Tem Stirs Up Annexation Issue

Observers are puzzled by Longmont Mayor Pro Tem Brian Bagley’s recent announcement that the City needs to focus on securing its northern and eastern boundaries. Bagley listed three ideas: 1) Longmont should acquire land and create an open space buffer at 66 and I-25 between Weld County Roads 3.5 and 5; 2) A policy shouldContinue reading “Longmont: Mayor Pro Tem Stirs Up Annexation Issue”

Boulder: Comp Plan Update Kicks Off

Boulder is ready to begin the community outreach that is the focus of the first phase of the Boulder Valley Comp Plan (BVCP) Update, the long-range planning vision for the City and County of Boulder. Clarion Associates offered this critique of the current Comp Plan, “While Boulder has been successful in preserving a ring ofContinue reading “Boulder: Comp Plan Update Kicks Off”

Boulder: Council Votes to Stick to the (Comp) Plan

City Councilman Sam Weaver’s argument that Boulder needs a new “Comprehensive Development Strategy” failed on a 5-4 vote. Weaver had initially argued the City needed a building moratorium but realized that would not have enough votes to pass before the Council meeting. Unfortunately for him, his back up plan didn’t work well either. The majorityContinue reading “Boulder: Council Votes to Stick to the (Comp) Plan”