Greeley: City to Consider Construction Defects

Brad Mueller, the Director of Greeley’s Community Development Department, says the City will draft a construction defects ordinance in 2017. He is looking at ordinances passed in Fort Collins and Loveland this year as models for the proposed ordinance the City Council will review. While there is no guarantee the City Council will approve anything,Continue reading “Greeley: City to Consider Construction Defects”

Longmont: Residential Building Permits on the Rise

According to data presented by Longmont’s Community Development Department, new residential construction is increasing while commercial development has slightly decreased. A total of 2,464 residential permits have been issued through July 2016, compared with 2, 275 for the same time period in 2015. Those numbers include all types of new construction as well as remodelingContinue reading “Longmont: Residential Building Permits on the Rise”

Greeley: City Revising Sign Code

Brett Walker, a planner with Greeley’s Community Development Department, says the City will revise its sign code in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in 2015 Reed v. Town of Gilbert (AZ).  In the ruling, the Supreme Court held that the sign code of the town was unconstitutional because it regulated various typesContinue reading “Greeley: City Revising Sign Code”

Loveland: Update on Development Review Process

At its Feb. 9 meeting the City Council received an update on the Community Development Department’s efforts to make the development review process more efficient and user-friendly. Staff said that by March 1 there will be a “one stop, in-person, over-the-counter permitting process for qualifying residential, commercial and sign projects. Specific days and times willContinue reading “Loveland: Update on Development Review Process”