Colorado: State Supreme Court Rules on Fracking Bans

Colorado’s highest court ruled voter-approved fracking bans in Longmont and Fort Collins are “invalid and unenforceable,” affirming lower courts’ past decisions. This case is important for the gas and oil industry obviously but it is also a victory for property rights. Fracking opponents were dismayed. Kaye Fissinger, president Longmont’s Our Health, Our Future, Our Longmont,Continue reading “Colorado: State Supreme Court Rules on Fracking Bans”

Colorado Supreme Court Overturns Ruling on Public School Funding

The Colorado Supreme Court released its decision in the Lobato case, and found the State’s system of funding public schools to be constitutional. The 2005 lawsuit, filed by individuals from the San Luis Valley and later joined by districts across the state, contended that Colorado doesn’t provide a constitutionally mandated “thorough and uniform” system ofContinue reading “Colorado Supreme Court Overturns Ruling on Public School Funding”