Fort Collins: Occupancy Ordinance Study Funding Postponed

The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® (FCBR), Colorado State University and the Associated Students at Colorado State University (ASCSU) were no doubt disappointed with the City Council’s decision to narrow the scope of a study to investigate the impact of the U+2 ordinance and possible unintended consequences. FCBR asserts the ordinance impacts housing affordability. TheContinue reading “Fort Collins: Occupancy Ordinance Study Funding Postponed”

City Council Supports Stricter Standards for Multifamily Housing

A majority of the Fort Collins City Council supports a list of possible Land Use Code amendments designed to reduce adverse impacts of student/multifamily housing projects adjacent to single-family neighborhoods. Staff is proposing a phrased approach to deal with concerns raised by neighborhood residents. The Land Use Code amendments will tackle neighborhood compatibility, density andContinue reading “City Council Supports Stricter Standards for Multifamily Housing”

Fort Collins Council Opts not to Pursue Moratorium on Student Housing – For Now

In a classic example of the “squeaky wheel getting the grease,” a small group of homeowners in a neighborhood adjacent to CSU were able to drive a City Council policy discussion. A group called the Coalition of Neighbors asked the City to implement a moratorium on the approval of new multi-family/student housing. The request promptedContinue reading “Fort Collins Council Opts not to Pursue Moratorium on Student Housing – For Now”