Amendment 66 – Key Question for Voters

This ballot question, which would restructure Colorado’s K-12 financing system, is the most important item facing voters this November. Unfortunately, it is an extremely complicated measure that would require sacrifices from the middle class in the form of increased taxes. Here’s some food for thought intended to highlight some of the measure’s most controversial aspects.Continue reading “Amendment 66 – Key Question for Voters”

CAR Opts Not to Take Position on Amendment 66

The Colorado Association of REALTORS will not to take a position on the ballot question that asks voters to increase income tax to pay for K-12 education. Many business groups have made the same decision, feeling that taking a position one way or the other is a lose-lose proposition. CAR did not want to supportContinue reading “CAR Opts Not to Take Position on Amendment 66”

Colorado School Reform Will Make Ballot

The author of SB-213, Sen. Mike Johnston (D-Denver), said he is confident Initiative 22 to reform school financing will make the fall ballot. Colorado Commits To Kids, the issues committee that will promote the initiative, turned in its petitions on Aug. 5. Chad McWhinney convened a group of Northern Colorado business representatives to meet withContinue reading “Colorado School Reform Will Make Ballot”

Governor, Business Leaders Support Education Tax

Gov. Hickenlooper publically announced his support for Initiative 22 to increase income taxes to increase funding for K-12 Education. At the same meeting, Chad McWhinney, a Loveland developer added his support to the measure. Advocates are currently collecting the required signatures to put the measure on the ballot. McWhinney is organizing meetings with Loveland areaContinue reading “Governor, Business Leaders Support Education Tax”