Region: NoCo Housing Now Construction Defects Forum

NoCo Housing Now, the housing affordability advocacy group created by FCBR, held a forum on November 14 to discuss construction defects reform with members of the Colorado General Assembly. Although all legislators from Larimer and Weld Counties were invited, only three attended: Representatives Perry Buck (Windsor/Larimer County) and JoAnn Ginal (Fort Collins) and Senator JohnContinue reading “Region: NoCo Housing Now Construction Defects Forum”

Colorado Association of Realtors: Legislative Update

On Feb. 19 the LPC voted to oppose HB-1228 “Ag Protection Water Right Transfer Mechanism” sponsored by Jeni Arndt (Fort Collins). The bill would authorize an owner of an agricultural water right to seek a change-in-use decree in water court to allow the transfer of up to 50 percent of the water for renewable one-yearContinue reading “Colorado Association of Realtors: Legislative Update”

Berthoud Ballot Questions

On Tuesday Feb. 11 the Board of Trustees approved the language to add two annexation questions to the April 1 ballot. The question regarding the fate of the 80-acre Haworth property will be listed as question 241. The question that would require voter approval of all annexations outside Berthoud’s 2012 growth management area (GMA) willContinue reading “Berthoud Ballot Questions”

2014 Legislative Preview

Rachel Nance, CAR’s Vice-President for Public Policy, told the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) that the recent legislative recalls have changed the dynamics of the General Assembly. Now the majority party rules the Senate by only one vote, which means that it will be more difficult for the party to exert control.  In addition, 2014 isContinue reading “2014 Legislative Preview”

County Plans to Expand Local Control

Larimer County already has 1041 regulations in place for power projects. Now it wants to make sure it has some ability to impact other types of infrastructure projects within its jurisdiction. In 1974, the Colorado General Assembly enacted measures to further define the authority of state and local governments in making planning decisions for matters of statewide interest. Continue reading “County Plans to Expand Local Control”

Reapportionment Means Uncertainty in HD 51

Changes to the boundaries of Colorado’s General Assembly districts, known as reapportionment, mean that Reps. BJ Nikkel and Brian DelGrosso both live in House District 51. Rep. Nikkel will continue to represent HD 49 through this year. But the two representatives, who have similar views and consider themselves friends, say they have decided that onlyContinue reading “Reapportionment Means Uncertainty in HD 51”