Urban Renewal Bill Will Return

The 2015 Legislative session opened on January 7 but some of the issues will seem familiar. Colorado Counties Inc., which lobbies on behalf of Colorado’s 64 counties, is once again working to drum up legislator support to revise tax-increment funding statutes. Last year Rep Brian DelGrosso carried the bill, which passed but was vetoed byContinue reading “Urban Renewal Bill Will Return”

Colorado Oil and Gas Commission Proposes New Setbacks

The Colorado Oil and Gas Commission is considering a new 1000 foot setback requirement for residential properties after holding public meetings around the state. In addition to oil and gas operators, agricultural interests, developers, homebuilders, the Colorado Municipal League and Colorado Counties Inc. oppose the proposal because it “deprives operators, local governments, and surface ownersContinue reading “Colorado Oil and Gas Commission Proposes New Setbacks”