Public School Funding in Colorado

  Unfortunately, like most key issues, K-12 funding has become partisan. Often it comes down to a debate centered on whether more funding creates better schools. I want to avoid that particular topic here. It is clear from the November ballot that our school districts believe they need more money to provide a quality education.Continue reading “Public School Funding in Colorado”

Longmont: LAR Opposes Gas and Oil Moratorium

The Longmont Association of REALTORS submitted comments to the Boulder County Commissioners for the June 28th public hearing of resolution 2016-65. The resolution would establish another moratorium on gas and oil applications until November 16, 2016. In its comments, LAR wrote, “The Longmont Association of REALTORS® (LAR) opposes Resolution 2016-65, which would establish a newContinue reading “Longmont: LAR Opposes Gas and Oil Moratorium”

Ballot Initiatives would Overturn Colorado Water Law

Proponents of two radical ballot measures are gathering signatures to put them on the November ballot. Initiatives 3 and 45 would change the Colorado constitution to give the public a superior interest in Colorado’s water, trumping private water rights. The measures seek to supplant constitutional provisions that form the basis for Colorado’s prior appropriation doctrineContinue reading “Ballot Initiatives would Overturn Colorado Water Law”