Colorado Association of Realtors: Legislative Update

Although the session is only a week old, the leadership wasted no time in introducing a construction defects bill sponsored by the Democratic Speaker of the House and the GOP Senate President (SB-45) “Construction Defect Claim Allocation of Defense Costs.” Observers suggest it is an attempt to set a nonpartisan tone for this year’s legislature.Continue reading “Colorado Association of Realtors: Legislative Update”

Colorado Association of REALTORS: Sunset Report Recommends Continued Regulation of Brokers

Recently CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee reviewed recommendations included in the 2016 Sunset Review for real estate brokers and subdivision developers. The report was submitted to the legislature, which is responsible for introducing related legislation in the 2017 session. As expected the Department of Regulatory Agencies recommends the continued regulation of real estate brokers for anotherContinue reading “Colorado Association of REALTORS: Sunset Report Recommends Continued Regulation of Brokers”

Colorado: Appraisal Delays Impacting Closings

Lately there have been more complaints about appraisals. Not only are late appraisals delaying closings but some appraisers are charging “expedition fees” to get appraisals done in time. Typically, the fee ranges from $200 to about $500. This feels like extortion to buyers and upsets Realtors who see such fees as unethical. The National AssociationContinue reading “Colorado: Appraisal Delays Impacting Closings”

Colorado: Nine Potential Ballot issues

The Secretary of State is still reviewing signatures for five ballot initiatives that could be on the November ballot. If all five are approved, voters will see a total of nine questions on the ballot, all of which would amend Colorado’s constitution. Colorado is one of the easiest states in which to amend a constitution.Continue reading “Colorado: Nine Potential Ballot issues”

Legislative Update

HB 1260 “Wildfire Tax Credit” CAR Position: Support This bill was amended because of its fiscal note. Instead, the amended version would give property owners double deductions for wildfire mitigation efforts. HB 1348 “Urban Redevelopment Fairness Act” CAR Position: Oppose This bill is cosponsored by many Northern Colorado legislators and seems likely to pass. TheContinue reading “Legislative Update”

Construction Defects Bill Will Rise Again

With a booming economy and an influx of new people, housing is becoming more expensive, especially in Colorado’s urban areas. Advocates who support changing construct defeat laws, such as the Colorado Association of REALTORS, seem to have created enough PR buzz to bring last year’s bill to the legislature. Supporters say it’s simply too easyContinue reading “Construction Defects Bill Will Rise Again”

Weld County: Young and Cooke Endorsed by REALTORS

The Colorado Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee has endorsed incumbent Democrat Dave Young for House District 50 and Republican John Cooke for Senate District 13. Both candidates and their opponents were interviewed by a team of REALTORS that made recommendations to CARPAC. Young is an incumbent with a less than spectacular voting record onContinue reading “Weld County: Young and Cooke Endorsed by REALTORS”

CAR Encourages Sunrise Process for Home Inspector Licensing

Some real estate industry stakeholders, including home inspectors, have been discussing the prospect of licensing home inspectors.  Sen. Todd, from Aurora, is prepared to run some sort of legislation to this end. In the last meeting that CAR lobbyist, Rachel Nance, attended with the stakeholders and Sen. Todd, the idea of running the matter throughContinue reading “CAR Encourages Sunrise Process for Home Inspector Licensing”

CAR Opts Not to Take Position on Amendment 66

The Colorado Association of REALTORS will not to take a position on the ballot question that asks voters to increase income tax to pay for K-12 education. Many business groups have made the same decision, feeling that taking a position one way or the other is a lose-lose proposition. CAR did not want to supportContinue reading “CAR Opts Not to Take Position on Amendment 66”

Jones Wins Senate Seat

Democrat Matt Jones easily defeated Charles Plagainos to earn the right to represent Senate District 17, which had been held by Longmont resident Brandon Shaffer for eight years. Jones was endorsed by the Colorado Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (CARPAC).