Longmont: What does Hickenlooper’s Compromise mean to Longmont?

Longmont Mayor Pro Tem Brian Bagley’s presence at the Governor’s announcement concerning the compromise deal that removes two potentially devastating oil and gas ballot measures was not coincidental (see more, below). Assuming the deal moves forward, as it now appears it will, the City can stop spending time and money (rumored to be over $500,000)Continue reading “Longmont: What does Hickenlooper’s Compromise mean to Longmont?”

GARA Opposes Proposed Drilling Setbacks

The Board of Directors of the Greeley Area REALTOR® Association voted to oppose the 500-foot residential setback requirement being considered by the COGCC. It is estimated that a quarter of Greeley’s land would be useless for development if this rule is implemented. That translates to a loss of an estimated $3.2 million each year inContinue reading “GARA Opposes Proposed Drilling Setbacks”

Fort Collins Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide Fracking Fate

It is all the rage for progressive towns in Colorado – on Jan. 23rd the City Council bowed to pressure from citizens opposed to fracking by agreeing to put the question to a public vote. But how would such a ban impact the City? According to current Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission setback rules,Continue reading “Fort Collins Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide Fracking Fate”