Loveland: Tax Crusader Plans Initiative

Larry Sarner, who unsuccessfully challenged the City of Loveland regarding the constitutionality of creating and taxing the Downtown Development Authority, announced his intent to gather signatures for a ballot initiative to reform sales tax policies. Although he did not provide details, Sarner told the City Council the initiative would eliminate the sales tax on foodContinue reading “Loveland: Tax Crusader Plans Initiative”

Loveland: Council Approves Mirasol Annexation

The City Council approved an annexation and zoning of 6.8 acres of land owned by the Housing Authority into the City of Loveland. The parcel will be part of the Mirasol Community senior development. The property is located at the southeast corner of 4Street SE and S. St. Louis Avenue, directly north of Mirasol. TheContinue reading “Loveland: Council Approves Mirasol Annexation”

Loveland: Council Approves DDA Development Plan

The City of Loveland took another step towards creating a Downtown Development Authority, approving a resolution approving the DDA’s development plan. The development plan includes a conceptual list of projects, including a plaza at 5th and Lincoln and “quiet zone” railroad crossings at 1st, 4th, 6th and 7th streets. In November voters within the DDA boundaryContinue reading “Loveland: Council Approves DDA Development Plan”

Loveland: City to Increase Building Division Staff

The City Council approved an ordinance to add staff responsible for permitting and building inspections. Construction of new single-family homes is on the rise and has exceeded the City’s projections. Building activity currently exceeds the five year average, with more than twice the volume per month.

Loveland: Input Needed at Comp Plan Meetings

The City of Loveland is continuing its outreach as staff and a citizen group continue working on the latest Comprehensive Plan Update, which is known as “Create Loveland.” Three more public meetings are scheduled this month: Feb. Feb. 10, 5 – 7 pm, , Loveland Aleworks, 118 W. Fourth St. Feb. 14 Noon – 5 pm.Continue reading “Loveland: Input Needed at Comp Plan Meetings”

Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Tourism Authority Application

The City Council approved an ordinance that provides $175,000 in funding for consultants to develop the application for the Regional Tourism Authority to the State Economic Development Commission. The funding will be used to hire consultants to complete a Northern Colorado Regional Tourism Act application for the Council’s consideration. The Regional Tourism Act (RTA) wasContinue reading “Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Tourism Authority Application”

Loveland Council Considers New Approach to Impact Fees

The City of Loveland uses a “buy-in” method to calculate capital expansion fees (CEFs) — otherwise known as impact fees — on new construction based on a per unit implied capital investment of current land uses. However, the City has hired BBC Research and Consulting to analyze the equity of the current methodology and aContinue reading “Loveland Council Considers New Approach to Impact Fees”

City of Loveland Extends Gas & Oil Moratorium

In light of the new oil and gas regulations the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is expected to adopt in early January, the City of Loveland’s current moratorium on oil and gas development will likely be extended two months. With this extension, the Loveland moratorium would end in early April instead of mid-February. CityContinue reading “City of Loveland Extends Gas & Oil Moratorium”

Insurance Binding Restricted Due to Colorado Wildfires

All binding authority is automatically suspended by insurance companies during times of an impending disaster and during times of disaster. Examples of disasters that cause automatic suspension are: wildfire, hail, tornado, hurricane, riot, civil commotion, or earthquake. In this instance, the burning of wildfires located throughout Colorado has been determined as a cause to immediatelyContinue reading “Insurance Binding Restricted Due to Colorado Wildfires”

City of Loveland Needs Funding for Water Infrastructure

At a recent study session staff provided the results of its latest cost-of-service water rate study. The problem is that the City hasn’t raised water fees in while and has deferred capital maintenance. Now the City’s infrastructure is aging and needs repairs. Since the capital reserves have been depleted, the Council will have to decideContinue reading “City of Loveland Needs Funding for Water Infrastructure”