Boulder: City Planning Amendments to Inclusionary Housing

Recently City of Boulder staff provided the City Council with an assessment of the City’s Inclusionary Housing Program, which has been in existence since 2000. At that time the share of permanently affordable (deed-restricted) housing was 3.1 percent (1,270 units). Now it is 7.3 percent (3,319 units). The City’s goal is to make 10 percentContinue reading “Boulder: City Planning Amendments to Inclusionary Housing”

Boulder: Attached Homes Could be Focus for Affordable Housing

According to a study prepared by BBC Research & Consulting for the City of Boulder, attached homes maintain affordability better than detached homes. In the past four years, detached homes increased 10 percent in appreciation while condos appreciated 5 percent and townhomes appreciated 7 percent. Another key finding is that attached homes grew by 150Continue reading “Boulder: Attached Homes Could be Focus for Affordable Housing”

Legislative Update

SB 15-135 “Public Bodies and Urban Renewal” CAR Position: Neutral This bill would give counties a “seat at the table” on urban renewal authority (URA) issues – a consistent request of counties for many years – by allowing them the option of appointing a member of a municipal urban renewal authority board. There would beContinue reading “Legislative Update”

Boulder: Council Considers Hill Residential Restrictions

University Hill, a neighborhood that’s been popular with college students for decades, may face additional development restrictions if the City of Boulder has its way. At a recent study session, the Boulder City Council had its first opportunity to provide feedback on a proposal to make residential a conditional use in the commercial district andContinue reading “Boulder: Council Considers Hill Residential Restrictions”

Boulder: Council Sends Message Re Historic Preservation

The City of Boulder is serious about its historic preservation regulations. This week the City Council ordered a homeowner in the Mapleton Hill area to rebuild a “historic” shed located in the backyard. The owner had removed the old coal shed and added a deck, retailing wall, fire pit and basketball court without requesting permissionContinue reading “Boulder: Council Sends Message Re Historic Preservation”

Should Boulder Historic Preservation Rules Include Yard Features?

According to the City of Boulder’s historic preservation regulations, the Landmarks Board has authority to make decisions on applications to alter or add to a historic property – unless the Council “calls up” an application for further review. Such was the case recently for a family that requested permission to put a swimming pool inContinue reading “Should Boulder Historic Preservation Rules Include Yard Features?”

What is the Future of Affordable Housing?

The City of Boulder has embarked on an ambitious effort to create a comprehensive housing strategy that could include tactics such as accessory dwelling units, rental housing and possibly “market rate” affordable housing. One sign of the importance of this project is the decision by the City Manager’s Office to separate the Housing Division fromContinue reading “What is the Future of Affordable Housing?”

Fort Collins Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide Fracking Fate

It is all the rage for progressive towns in Colorado – on Jan. 23rd the City Council bowed to pressure from citizens opposed to fracking by agreeing to put the question to a public vote. But how would such a ban impact the City? According to current Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission setback rules,Continue reading “Fort Collins Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide Fracking Fate”

City of Boulder Considers Transportation Fee

Like many municipalities in our region, the City of Boulder is stuck between falling sales tax revenue and rising construction costs, which makes it difficult to maintain city streets at a high standard. Transportation maintenance takes up roughly two-thirds of the city’s $25 million transportation budget, but the purchasing power of those dollars has erodedContinue reading “City of Boulder Considers Transportation Fee”

Will Boulder Form Its Own Utility?

There is a possibility that the City of Boulder could partner with Xcel and remain in that utility’s system, according to a report just released. The paper, written by City staff, argues that achieving goals Boulder already has established should be the priority, not municipalization per se. Those goals include ensuring Boulder has a stable,Continue reading “Will Boulder Form Its Own Utility?”