Boulder: Council to Pursue Affordable Housing Sales Tax

At a study session the City Council confirmed its desire to set a goal of 10 percent for affordable housing units (rental and owned). Using this number, it means currently Longmont would need 3,800 housing units to meet this goal. In her opening remarks, Kathy Fedler the City’s Housing and Community Investment Manager, noted “WeContinue reading “Boulder: Council to Pursue Affordable Housing Sales Tax”

Longmont: Council Adopts 2015 Budget

The City Council formally adopted its 2015 budget last week. The projected operating budget is $275.85 million, which is $6.41 million less than the 2014 budget. Water and sewer rates will increase. City Manager Harold Dominguez writes that, “While this most certainly is not a budget that is flush with resources, it is one inContinue reading “Longmont: Council Adopts 2015 Budget”