Loveland: Council Wants to Revise Affordable Housing Policy

The City Council has waived over a half a million dollars in development fees in the last year and apparently some Councilors aren’t feeling that the City is getting a return on its investment. John Fogle, in particular, made pointed comments about the Giuliano project, which has received over $2 million worth of waivers andContinue reading “Loveland: Council Wants to Revise Affordable Housing Policy”

Loveland City Council Race Low Key

Incumbent Mayor Cecil Gutierrez has yet to declare his intentions. Incumbent council members Joan Shaffer, Hugh McKean and Dave Clark will run for another term but only Shaffer and Clark have opponents (Carol Dowding and David Hallet). Troy Krenning is running unopposed for Daryle Klassen’s Ward 1 seat. However, as of this writing there areContinue reading “Loveland City Council Race Low Key”

Water Discussion Illustrates Loveland Council Division

Another long and tense water debate ended with a 5-3 vote. After months of study sessions the Council had appeared to settle on a complicated funding plan that included long-term debt, internal borrowing and rate increases. However, the issue of whether or not to include $750,000 of general fund money each year for five yearsContinue reading “Water Discussion Illustrates Loveland Council Division”

CDOT Encourages Business Sector to Push Transportation Funding Solution

Don Hunt, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, spoke to a group of business and government representatives at a meeting hosted by our region’s Transportation Commissioner Kathy Gilliland. Hunt reminded participants that Coloradoans pay 40 cents a gallon in state and federal gas taxes created to fund highway infrastructure but the revenuesContinue reading “CDOT Encourages Business Sector to Push Transportation Funding Solution”