New Opportunity to Fund I-25

CDOT Region Four Officials have applied for $143 million dollars in funding from CDOT’s Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships’ (RAMP) program.  CDOT Headquarters recently made the funds for this program available through a competitive application process. Funding would be contingent on a Public-Private-Partnership on I-25 to create a tolled, managed express lane. Without utilizingContinue reading “New Opportunity to Fund I-25”

Group Says High-Speed Rail from Fort Collins to Pueblo Feasible and Profitable

A $2.8 million study evaluating the feasibility of high-speed rail from Fort Collins to Pueblo has identified five potential routes that could carry more than 10 million passengers annually. The Colorado Department of Transportation and the Federal Railroad Administration launched the Interregional Connectivity Study (ICS), last spring. ICS team members hope to build a startupContinue reading “Group Says High-Speed Rail from Fort Collins to Pueblo Feasible and Profitable”

No Clear Timetable for I-25 Improvements

At a recent meeting, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) representative James Flohr apparently told the Windsor Town Board that it would take 75 years to implement the plan to expand I-25 from State Highway 66 to State Highway 14. But unless he has a crystal ball, this is just a guess. The first phase ofContinue reading “No Clear Timetable for I-25 Improvements”

CDOT Encourages Business Sector to Push Transportation Funding Solution

Don Hunt, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Transportation, spoke to a group of business and government representatives at a meeting hosted by our region’s Transportation Commissioner Kathy Gilliland. Hunt reminded participants that Coloradoans pay 40 cents a gallon in state and federal gas taxes created to fund highway infrastructure but the revenuesContinue reading “CDOT Encourages Business Sector to Push Transportation Funding Solution”