Statewide Transportation Plan – More Funding Needed

The Colorado Department of Transportation published its latest transportation plan, which provides a vision of CDOT’s goals through 2040.  Reading the plan doesn’t provide a glowing view of our transportation future. It notes that Colorado’s population is projected to grow by 47 percent in the next 25 years, which creates a corresponding level of additionalContinue reading “Statewide Transportation Plan – More Funding Needed”

I-25 Grant Approved

Jurisdictional disagreements and a devastating flood created a delay, but over a year after the idea was proposed, Northern Colorado received a $30 million grant for North I-25. CDOT’s High Performance Transportation Enterprise Board (HPTE) voted unanimously to award the money to CDOT Region 4 in a competitive grant process. The grant, along with severalContinue reading “I-25 Grant Approved”

MPO Approves Funds for I-25

At its last meeting the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization’s management council approved the appropriation of $5 million of its funds to help defray the cost the Crossroads Interchange and Berthoud hill climbing lane. This decision was described as unprecedented by 2015 MPO Chair Sean Conway. Next week our CDOT district representatives will formallyContinue reading “MPO Approves Funds for I-25”

CDOT, MPO Working to Find Funding for I-25

Facing a December 31 deadline to “use or lose” a $30 million grant, CDOT has come up with a proposal that seems to have found favor with local elected officials. Johnny Olson, CDOT’s regional director, has proposed that the grant focus on two locations along North I-25 that routinely see congestion and slowdowns – theContinue reading “CDOT, MPO Working to Find Funding for I-25”

Cheroutes Receives National Award

Michael Cheroutes, the director of CDOT’s High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) received a national award in recognition of his leadership on the US 36 Express Lanes project. That project became controversial last year mainly due to the antics of Senator Matt Jones (Lafayette) but is considered a national model for combining roadway and transit improvementsContinue reading “Cheroutes Receives National Award”

Update on I-25 Grant

After reviewing multiple options, CDOT is now considering an upgrade to the Crossroads interchange as the latest suggestion to utilize the remaining $35 million RAMP dollars slated for I-25.  CDOT engineers say that reconstructing the Crossroads interchange would cost roughly $32 million. Once that interchange is improved it will make it quicker and less expensiveContinue reading “Update on I-25 Grant”

Denver: I-25 Update

At its 2015 Board Retreat the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance focused much of its agenda on transportation. Both Gov. Hickenlooper and CDOT Director Don Hunt attended a portion of the meeting. Gov. Hickenlooper argued it’s time for a new approach about how CDOT thinks about I-25 north of Denver. He said instead of thinking DenverContinue reading “Denver: I-25 Update”

Denver: CDOT Has Funding Model for I-70 East but not I-25

The Colorado Department of Transportation has a $1.8 billion plan to lower a few miles of Interstate 70 and add toll lanes to the stretch of highway east of Interstate 25, including the viaduct area around the Denver Stock Show. This is good news for Denver but proponents of expanding I-25 north of Highway 66 wereContinue reading “Denver: CDOT Has Funding Model for I-70 East but not I-25”

Elected Officials I-25 Continue to Discuss I-25

At the latest meeting of the I-25 Coalition, CDOT told elected officials that they’ll have a new proposal to begin the expansion of the highway by July. Unfortunately only $35 million of the original grant will be available for work north of Highway 66 because the remainder has already been spent on the section betweenContinue reading “Elected Officials I-25 Continue to Discuss I-25”


HB-1373 “Senior and Disabled Veteran Homestead Exemption” CAR Position: Support. This bill passed the House and is now being considered by the Senate. A senior who is 65 years old or older and has owned and occupied the same primary residence for at least 10 years (or the surviving spouse of such a senior) mayContinue reading “COLORADO ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS Legislative Update”