Datashare Ends: How Did We Get Here?

In light of REcolorado terminating the CCM Data Share Agreement as of March 2nd, 2017, after 14 years of successful collaboration, we wanted to take a moment to outline the events of the past few months. 11/15/16 – Joint meeting of IRES Managers and REcolorado Directors met at the REcolorado offices. Presentation made about REcolorado.Continue reading “Datashare Ends: How Did We Get Here?”

We Have Heard You. We Have A Proposed Solution.

IRES has heard from hundreds of customers by phone, email and social media. First, and most important, THANK YOU for reaching out. Serving our customers is our primary goal, and hearing from you ensures we are on track. We heard you. Overwhelmingly, you reinforced the critical importance of data sharing. You made it clear howContinue reading “We Have Heard You. We Have A Proposed Solution.”

IRES Receives Notice That REcolorado Datashare Will End 3/2/17

IRES today received notice from REColorado that they are discontinuing data sharing between our companies, just two days after we declined their offer to purchase our company. IRES is very disappointed and concerned with the termination announcement from RECO, especially since the impetus of data sharing was a result of broker requests. The need forContinue reading “IRES Receives Notice That REcolorado Datashare Will End 3/2/17”

IRES Update on Data Sharing as of October 19th, 2015

After many weeks of behind-the-scene efforts, the IRES Board of Managers is pleased to announce that we have addressed the demands of REcolorado related to the 2003 CCM Agreement. We are committed to data sharing, and short of compromising the integrity of encrypted backup files, we believe we have resolved all concerns, and remain openContinue reading “IRES Update on Data Sharing as of October 19th, 2015”

History of CCM: 2003 To Present

IRES held a Broker Forum on Tuesday, September 29th to discuss the future of data share between IRES and REcolorado. During the meeting it became evident that there is much confusion about the history of the CCM Agreement, the Colorado Cooperative MLS that includes REcolorado (then Metrolist) and the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors. ToContinue reading “History of CCM: 2003 To Present”

IRES Update on Data Sharing as of September 25, 2015

Regarding the communications between RE Colorado and IRES, we believe the time has come to address our issues in the best interests of our brokerage community and the real estate industry as a whole. IRES consistently opted to take the high road throughout this process, and there is no reason to stray from that courseContinue reading “IRES Update on Data Sharing as of September 25, 2015”

IRES Update on CCM Data Share

Many of you commented on our last blog post and email IRES Update on the CCM Data Sharing Agreement with REcolorado/Metrolist.  First of all, thank you for all your comments and replies!  We promised an update… Please be assured, IRES is strongly committed to data share since it is in the best interests of FrontContinue reading “IRES Update on CCM Data Share”

IRES Update on the CCM Data Sharing Agreement with REcolorado/Metrolist

IRES is fully committed to data sharing as a service to brokers along the Front Range of Colorado.   Unfortunately, there is a serious misunderstanding regarding how much data is appropriate for the exchange.   Our goal is and always has been to provide as much property information to brokers in order to better serve clients –Continue reading “IRES Update on the CCM Data Sharing Agreement with REcolorado/Metrolist”