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Greeley: GARA Endorses Incumbent Commissioners

GARA’s Board of Directors voted to approve three recommendations made by an interviewing committee. After interviewing five of the seven Weld County commissioner candidates (Carl Erickson and Lynette Kilpatrick did not respond to repeated invitations), the committee unanimously voted to recommend the three incumbents: Sean Conway (at-large), Mike Freeman (District 1) and Barbara Kirkmeyer (District… Continue reading Greeley: GARA Endorses Incumbent Commissioners

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Berthoud: LBAR Endorses Mulvihill

Following the recommendation of the Government Affairs Committee, LBAR’s Board of Directors voted to endorse Steve Mulvihill for mayor of Berthoud and contribute to his campaign using local CARPAC funds. LBAR supports private property rights, economic development and good planning to preserve Berthoud’s future. Steve wants to protect the town’s infrastructure, support the downtown and… Continue reading Berthoud: LBAR Endorses Mulvihill

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CARPAC Donates to Transit Alliance

At its fall business meetings CARPAC approved a $10,000 donation to the Transit Alliance. The Alliance “is an influential public-advocacy organization that works to enhance communities and people’s lives by cultivating a healthy, resilient and more sustainable lifestyle by supporting transit, active transportation and increased mobility.” The Transit Alliance is known for its work supporting… Continue reading CARPAC Donates to Transit Alliance

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CAR Joins Homeownership Opportunity Alliance (HOA)

CAR Vice President for Public Policy Ted Leighty will join the executive committee of HOA, an organization that is advocating for the construction defects legislation to encourage builders to develop more condominiums and townhomes. Earlier this week CAR’s political action committee (CARPAC) approved a $10,000 request, which will allow Leighty to join HOA’s executive committee.… Continue reading CAR Joins Homeownership Opportunity Alliance (HOA)

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CAR Supports Hickenlooper

CAR’s Board of Directors, based in part on a recommendation by the CAR Political Action Committee (CARPAC) and a team of REALTORS who interviewed candidates for this race, announced its endorsement of John Hickenlooper for Governor. In addition, the REALTOR Political Action Committee (RPAC) which funds Congressional candidates, announced its support for Mark Udall for… Continue reading CAR Supports Hickenlooper

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Weld County: Young and Cooke Endorsed by REALTORS

The Colorado Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee has endorsed incumbent Democrat Dave Young for House District 50 and Republican John Cooke for Senate District 13. Both candidates and their opponents were interviewed by a team of REALTORS that made recommendations to CARPAC. Young is an incumbent with a less than spectacular voting record on… Continue reading Weld County: Young and Cooke Endorsed by REALTORS

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Income Tax Increase for Education Could Be on Fall Ballot

A campaign to gather signatures for a November ballot proposal is underway to put a measure on the fall ballot to raise $950 million for public education. The Colorado Education Association said it began collecting signatures on June 14, after it got packets with the state-approved language that would be proposed for the ballot. Colorado… Continue reading Income Tax Increase for Education Could Be on Fall Ballot