Fort Collins: Council Poised to Increase Capital Expansion Fees

On May 16, the Fort Collins City Council voted 7-0 to pass an ordinance on first reading to increase capital expansion fees (CEFs), which are charged for new residential and commercial/industrial developments to “make growth pay its own way.” Fort Collins began charging a transportation CEF, previously known as the street oversizing fee, in 1979Continue reading “Fort Collins: Council Poised to Increase Capital Expansion Fees”

Loveland: Capital Expansion Fee Conversation Drags On

Since 2012 the Council has discussed changes to Capital Expansion Fees (CEFs) for new development. Council member Dave Clark noted that CEFs for a single-family home have increased 800 percent since 1984 when they were introduced. Clark said his home has only appreciated 300 percent since then. He continues to champion reducing fees for residentialContinue reading “Loveland: Capital Expansion Fee Conversation Drags On”

Capital Expansion Fees Approved by Loveland City Council

After wrestling with Capital Expansion Fees (known as CEFs or impact fees) for nearly a year, the City Council finally made a decision. Developers will see a small increase in fees for a single-family home from a total of $12,531 in 2012 to $12,939 in 2013. The fees are mean to ensure that new developmentContinue reading “Capital Expansion Fees Approved by Loveland City Council”

Council Struggles with Capital Expansion Fees

During its most recent discussion, the City Council was not able to reach consensus regarding the 2013 Capital Expansion Fee (CEF) increases proposed by staff. In total, staff is recommending that the package of residential CEFs be raised from $12,531 to $12,959. It should be noted that CEFs are only part of the story whenContinue reading “Council Struggles with Capital Expansion Fees”