Fort Collins: Capital Expansion Fee Discussion Delayed

The City Council was scheduled to consider an ordinance increasing the City’s capital expansion fees on March 21, however that discussion was postponed until May. This delay could be helpful because it gives groups like the Chamber of Commerce, which opposes the increases, more time to lobby the Council and identify allies.

Fort Collins: Transportation Impact Fees

Earlier this month the City Council discussed moving from a street oversizing fee to a transportation capital expansion fee (CEF). Staff argues it’s time to update this impact fee and align it with other capital expansion fees, all of which are expected to undergo “revisions” (translation – increases) in the near future. Unlike the street oversizingContinue reading “Fort Collins: Transportation Impact Fees”

Loveland: Council Discusses West Eisenhower Redevelopment

The City Council resumed its discussion on how to improve the western portion of Eisenhower/US 34. On February 16, the Council talked about the need to incentivize redevelopment and business reinvestment on properties along the west Eisenhower Boulevard corridor. The discussion focused on providing some level of relief from compliance with development regulations that mayContinue reading “Loveland: Council Discusses West Eisenhower Redevelopment”

Loveland: Council Approves Extra Funding for Impact Fee Study

The City Council passed an ordinance to appropriate a total of $35,800 from General Fund balance to pay for additional professional and consulting services necessary to complete the Capital Expansion Fee (CEF) Plan Based Study. Loveland charges CEFs, otherwise known as impact fees, to pay for the impact of new developments on the City’s infrastructureContinue reading “Loveland: Council Approves Extra Funding for Impact Fee Study”

Loveland Council Considers New Approach to Impact Fees

The City of Loveland uses a “buy-in” method to calculate capital expansion fees (CEFs) — otherwise known as impact fees — on new construction based on a per unit implied capital investment of current land uses. However, the City has hired BBC Research and Consulting to analyze the equity of the current methodology and aContinue reading “Loveland Council Considers New Approach to Impact Fees”

Loveland City Council Begins Review of Capital Expansion Fees

Like all jurisdictions, periodically the Loveland City Council is required to review and revise the impact fees charged for new development. The City Council took the first step in this process by comparing the fees charged in Loveland with other cities in the region. According to a staff report, the fee for a single-family residenceContinue reading “Loveland City Council Begins Review of Capital Expansion Fees”