Fort Collins: City Continues to Investigate Broadband Utility Options

Last year Fort Collins convinced voters to allow the City to pursue broadband options last fall by approving an exemption to SB-152. At a recent study session, staff provided an update on its research to provide some type of municipal broadband. The utility could be public, private or a public-private partnership. The staff isn’t readyContinue reading “Fort Collins: City Continues to Investigate Broadband Utility Options”

Larimer County: Broadband on the Ballot

The Larimer County Commissioners voted to add a question to the November ballot asking to exempt the County from SB-152 which prohibits local governments from involvement in broadband efforts. Estes Park, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Wellington voters approved similar measures. If passed, the measure would allow the County to support broadband efforts within its municipalitiesContinue reading “Larimer County: Broadband on the Ballot”

Loveland: Broadband Study Approved

The City Council authorized staff to move forward with plans to research broadband options for the City. A citizen task force will be formed and a consultant hired to conduct a feasibility study. Next the Council will have to approve a supplemental budget appropriation to cover the expenses for broadband studies, community engagement, marketing andContinue reading “Loveland: Broadband Study Approved”

Loveland: City Exploring Broadband

Loveland may ask voters for permission to override SB-152, the state law that prohibits municipal governments from creating their own broadband networks. The bill was passed in the 2005 after heavy lobbying from private sector providers. City staff says that a local broadband network could provide residents, schools and businesses with high-speed service. In additionContinue reading “Loveland: City Exploring Broadband”