Late Urban Renewal Bill Introduced

A bill designed to fundamentally change urban renewal financing was finally introduced late in the legislative session (April 11). House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland) introduced HB-1375 “Modifications to Statutory Provisions Concerning Urban Renewal” on April 11. Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson, who is also the Chair of Colorado Counties Inc.’s Finance Committee, has longContinue reading “Late Urban Renewal Bill Introduced”

Colorado Association of Realtors Legislative Update

HB-1259 “Transfer General Fund Moneys to the State Highway Fund” CAR Position – Monitor. Rep. Brian DelGrosso’s bill, which would put $100 million in the State’s highway fund, doesn’t have much support from the General Assembly’s Leadership. In a meeting earlier this month, Sen. Rollie Heath and Rep. Dickie Lee Hullinghorst, both from Boulder, hadContinue reading “Colorado Association of Realtors Legislative Update”

2014 Legislative Session Has Begun

The 2014 session of the Colorado General Assembly convened on Jan. 8, however, legislators have been working on their action plans for months before this date. The first deadline for bill titles was Dec. 2, 2013. In fact, of the five bills that each member is allowed to introduce, three of those five must beContinue reading “2014 Legislative Session Has Begun”

Colorado Legislative Session Opens Jan. 9

The 2013 legislative session promises to be interesting, observers say, but not necessarily in a good way for business groups such as the REALTORS®. With a new Speaker of the House and a new Senate President, the leadership has changed and REALTOR®-friendly legislators such as Rep. Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland) lost their seats on powerful committeesContinue reading “Colorado Legislative Session Opens Jan. 9”

CAR Announces Endorsements

The Colorado Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (CARPAC) announced its support for the following state level candidates from our region: SD 17 Matt Jones (D-Boulder County) SD 18 Rollie Heath (D-Boulder) HD 11 Ellyn Hilliard (R-Boulder County) HD 13 Claire Levy (D-Boulder County) HD 49 Perry Buck (R-Larimer County) HD 50 Skip Carlson (R-Greeley)Continue reading “CAR Announces Endorsements”

Shaffer Announces Bid for House

Attorney Mark Shaffer, husband of Loveland City Council member Joan Shaffer, announced his decision to run for House District 51. The Staffers moved to Loveland in 2000 and several years later led a successful campaign to limit campaign donations in the city. Shaffer, who is a Democrat, said he is “fed-up with being represented byContinue reading “Shaffer Announces Bid for House”

Reapportionment Means Uncertainty in HD 51

Changes to the boundaries of Colorado’s General Assembly districts, known as reapportionment, mean that Reps. BJ Nikkel and Brian DelGrosso both live in House District 51. Rep. Nikkel will continue to represent HD 49 through this year. But the two representatives, who have similar views and consider themselves friends, say they have decided that onlyContinue reading “Reapportionment Means Uncertainty in HD 51”