Greeley: Imagine Greeley Needs You

Greeley is moving forward quickly with its Comprehensive Plan update, known as Imagine Greeley. Community Development Director Brad Mueller says the plan is on track for adoption by the end of 2017. The plan focuses on the following topics:  housing access (affordable and diverse housing types), growth, economic health, livability and capital and operations. AfterContinue reading “Greeley: Imagine Greeley Needs You”

Greeley: Council Approves Land Use Amendments

On April 4, the City Council approved two sets of amendments related to subdivision and planning processes. The first set of proposed changes parallels existing policy and codes for water and sewer infrastructure built by development. The proposed amendment for streets acknowledges that, when a development is required to install and pay for road infrastructureContinue reading “Greeley: Council Approves Land Use Amendments”

Greeley: City to Consider Construction Defects

Brad Mueller, the Director of Greeley’s Community Development Department, says the City will draft a construction defects ordinance in 2017. He is looking at ordinances passed in Fort Collins and Loveland this year as models for the proposed ordinance the City Council will review. While there is no guarantee the City Council will approve anything,Continue reading “Greeley: City to Consider Construction Defects”

Greeley: City Working to Improve Development Review Process

Like other municipalities in Northern Colorado, Greeley is seeing an increase in development activity. The Community Development Department is working to improve its development review process. Director Brad Mueller said the City is trying a new tactic — bringing developers in to train staff. The goal is help staff understand the external pressures facing developers,Continue reading “Greeley: City Working to Improve Development Review Process”

Weld County: Staff Prepares to Present Impact Fee Proposal to Council

After months of work, and requests for public input, Greeley Assistant City Manager Victoria Runkle and Community Development Director Brad Mueller are ready to present recommendations to the City Council regarding the proposed 2015 impact fees. The total cost of all the impact fees for a single-family home will increase 8.6 percent if the CityContinue reading “Weld County: Staff Prepares to Present Impact Fee Proposal to Council”

No New ADA Regulations

There is no truth to a rumor going around that Greeley is mandating that all property owners must ensure their existing homes and commercial buildings comply with new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provisions. Assistant City Manager Becky Safarik and Planning Director Brad Mueller said the City has been working on its ADA compliance by havingContinue reading “No New ADA Regulations”

Safarik Becomes Assistant City Manager

Greeley City Manager Roy Otto has selected long-time Community Development Director Becky Safarik to serve as Assistant City Manager, a position that has been vacant since 2007. Brad Mueller, who currently serves as the City’s Planning Manager will be promoted to the position of Community Development Director. Before joining the City, Mueller working for WeldContinue reading “Safarik Becomes Assistant City Manager”