Boulder: Regional Housing Partnership’s Strategies for Diverse Housing

Recently Betsey Martens (Boulder Housing Partners) and Leslie Durgen (Boulder Chamber of Commerce) provided an overview of the Boulder County Regional Housing Partnership’s latest draft of Priorities and Strategies for Ensuring a Diverse Housing Inventory (PASFEADI) for BARA and LAR members. The Partnership is comprised primarily of local government agencies and housing authorities. According toContinue reading “Boulder: Regional Housing Partnership’s Strategies for Diverse Housing”

Boulder: Council Raises Affordable Housing Linkage Fee

The City Council voted to raise the affordable housing linkage fee last week. The per square foot rate will increase to $12 from $9.53. The fee revenue helps to create and preserve affordable housing in the City. Staff had proposed a $15 per square foot fee and some members of the City Council argued evenContinue reading “Boulder: Council Raises Affordable Housing Linkage Fee”

Boulder County: Affordable Housing Advocates Publish Draft Plan

The Boulder County Regional Housing Partnership is recommending a regional goal of 15,000 to 22,000 diverse housing units affordable to low and middle-income households by 2035. This range represents 10 to 15 percent of the anticipated housing inventory at that time. Cities and towns have already secured nearly 6,000 units, so 9,000 to 16,000 homesContinue reading “Boulder County: Affordable Housing Advocates Publish Draft Plan”

Boulder: Council Increases Housing Linkage Fee

Earlier this month the Boulder City Council voted to increase the affordable housing linkage fee for new developments. The linkage fee, which charges new commercial developments to offset their impact on the City’s housing market, was first implemented in 2011. The per square foot fee varies depending on the type of business. Staff and consultantsContinue reading “Boulder: Council Increases Housing Linkage Fee”

Boulder: Council Approves Housing Partners Strategic Plan

At the same meeting the City Council also approved Boulder Housing Partners’ draft Strategy Plan. BHP is the City’s housing authority. BHP asserts the City has “an acute and chronic housing affordability problem.” The Executive Director cited a number of statistics to support that assertion: In the last 12 years, Boulder has lost 5,650 affordableContinue reading “Boulder: Council Approves Housing Partners Strategic Plan”

Boulder: City Struggles with Affordable Housing

The Boulder City Council was poised to adopt some general goals related to the City’s Comprehensive Housing Strategy (CHS) but even abstract concepts proved controversial in a classic NIMBY (not in my backyard) backlash from citizens. Short-term actions that had been identified as early wins proved more difficult than had been anticipated. In particular, aContinue reading “Boulder: City Struggles with Affordable Housing”

City of Boulder Embarks on Comprehensive Housing Strategy

Staff says a preliminary analysis of demographic, economic, and housing market data confirms that both the City and Boulder County are losing middle-income households. What follows is a summary of the memo’s conclusions, which were presented at a May 14 study session: Rents are increasing, with vacancies near zero in 2012. The price for single-familyContinue reading “City of Boulder Embarks on Comprehensive Housing Strategy”