Boulder: Council Considers Hill Residential Restrictions

University Hill, a neighborhood that’s been popular with college students for decades, may face additional development restrictions if the City of Boulder has its way. At a recent study session, the Boulder City Council had its first opportunity to provide feedback on a proposal to make residential a conditional use in the commercial district andContinue reading “Boulder: Council Considers Hill Residential Restrictions”

Boulder: Council Sends Message Re Historic Preservation

The City of Boulder is serious about its historic preservation regulations. This week the City Council ordered a homeowner in the Mapleton Hill area to rebuild a “historic” shed located in the backyard. The owner had removed the old coal shed and added a deck, retailing wall, fire pit and basketball court without requesting permissionContinue reading “Boulder: Council Sends Message Re Historic Preservation”

Boulder: Council Votes to Stick to the (Comp) Plan

City Councilman Sam Weaver’s argument that Boulder needs a new “Comprehensive Development Strategy” failed on a 5-4 vote. Weaver had initially argued the City needed a building moratorium but realized that would not have enough votes to pass before the Council meeting. Unfortunately for him, his back up plan didn’t work well either. The majorityContinue reading “Boulder: Council Votes to Stick to the (Comp) Plan”

Boulder: City Struggles with Affordable Housing

The Boulder City Council was poised to adopt some general goals related to the City’s Comprehensive Housing Strategy (CHS) but even abstract concepts proved controversial in a classic NIMBY (not in my backyard) backlash from citizens. Short-term actions that had been identified as early wins proved more difficult than had been anticipated. In particular, aContinue reading “Boulder: City Struggles with Affordable Housing”

Boulder: Council Approves Building Permit Moratorium for the Hill

The City Council held an emergency meeting to adopt a moratorium on new development on University Hill. The moratorium is in effect through 8 a.m. Aug. 20. The City Council plans to discuss a longer moratorium at its Aug. 19 meeting. The moratorium applies in the commercial district that runs roughly from University Avenue toContinue reading “Boulder: Council Approves Building Permit Moratorium for the Hill”

Boulder Council Discusses Business-Related Traffic Congestion

At a recent study session the Boulder City Council discussed the impact of businesses on traffic and parking congestion as part of the ongoing effort to update the Transportation Master Plan. Boulder is a city in which 60 percent of the workforce commutes into town, mostly because of the high cost of housing. And theContinue reading “Boulder Council Discusses Business-Related Traffic Congestion”

New Council, New Faces for Boulder

The fight to move forward with a new municipal utility overshadowed The City Council election. However it’s important to note that besides the re-election of Matt Applebaum and Macon Cowles (who barely won another term), voters chose three brand-new Council members: Sam Weaver, Mary Young and Andrew Shoemaker. Several pro-business Council members chose not toContinue reading “New Council, New Faces for Boulder”

Boulder Council Approves Minor Affordable Housing Code Changes

The Boulder City Council adopted several changes to its inclusionary housing code in advance of a more in-depth conversation around affordable housing goals later this year. It was noted that inclusionary zoning policy was designed to help people become property owners. However, since 2008 there has been increasing demand for rental units (and this phenomenonContinue reading “Boulder Council Approves Minor Affordable Housing Code Changes”

City of Boulder to Consider New Fire Codes for “Interface” Areas

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, later this year the Boulder City Council will consider adopting regulations for the wildland-urban interface — city neighborhoods that abut open space — that will address everything from building materials to vegetation near homes. More than 70,000 communities across the United States lie in the wildland-urban interface, and someContinue reading “City of Boulder to Consider New Fire Codes for “Interface” Areas”

City of Boulder Considers Extension of CAP Tax

Boulder’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) tax will expire in March and the City Council wants to ask the voters to extend it this November. However, the Council is worried about the impact of a Boulder County sustainability tax measure on the same ballot. The CAP tax raises roughly $1.8 million a year for energy efficiencyContinue reading “City of Boulder Considers Extension of CAP Tax”