Boulder: Council Pushing for Middle Income Affordable Housing

The Boulder City Council reviewed a variety of regulatory tools and incentives to create middle-income deed restricted affordable housing units. Although the plan is not fully developed, at a recent study session the Council agreed its major goal is to increase the City’s inclusionary zoning requirement from 20 to 25 percent for new housing developments.Continue reading “Boulder: Council Pushing for Middle Income Affordable Housing”

Boulder: Height Moratorium Extended

The Boulder City Council voted 8-1 with Bob Yates dissenting, to extend the existing building height moratorium until July 19, 2018. The moratorium was implemented in 2015 and prohibits buildings taller than 40 feet in most neighborhoods. The Council was swayed by the testimony of multiple citizens, who pleaded for the moratorium’s extension, saying tallContinue reading “Boulder: Height Moratorium Extended”

Boulder: Co-op Ordinance Passes

On January 3 The Boulder City Council passed the cooperative housing ordinance 7-2 on third reading after a long public hearing. A 4th hearing will be required to finalize details on January 17 but the key provisions have been finalized after a year of intense public debate. The ordinance regulates occupancy, square footage per resident,Continue reading “Boulder: Co-op Ordinance Passes”

Boulder: Impact Fee Increases Approved

At the same meeting, the Boulder City Council increased capital facility impact fees (parks & rec, library, fire, police, municipal facilities and human services) and transportation excise tax, and created a new transportation impact fee. The fee increases will apply to both residential and commercial developments. A prototypical residential development is a 3-unit townhome building.Continue reading “Boulder: Impact Fee Increases Approved”

Boulder: Council Increases Housing Linkage Fee

Earlier this month the Boulder City Council voted to increase the affordable housing linkage fee for new developments. The linkage fee, which charges new commercial developments to offset their impact on the City’s housing market, was first implemented in 2011. The per square foot fee varies depending on the type of business. Staff and consultantsContinue reading “Boulder: Council Increases Housing Linkage Fee”

Boulder: Council Creates Middle Income Housing Task Force

City staff’s recommendation to create a new working group to make recommendations regarding a middle-income housing strategy was approved by the City Council this week. Boulder already has a Housing Boulder Process Committee tasked with reviewing affordable housing policies. However, staff suggested a new group comprised of several City Council members and a few representativesContinue reading “Boulder: Council Creates Middle Income Housing Task Force”

Boulder: The Price of Development

Recently the City Council members discussed revising the City’s impact fees and excise taxes during a study session. The discussion stems from a failed ballot initiative last year that claimed development does not pay its own way. Consultants provided analysis on capital facilities impact fees, transportation impact fees, development excise taxes and the commercial linkageContinue reading “Boulder: The Price of Development”

Boulder: Attached Homes Could be Focus for Affordable Housing

According to a study prepared by BBC Research & Consulting for the City of Boulder, attached homes maintain affordability better than detached homes. In the past four years, detached homes increased 10 percent in appreciation while condos appreciated 5 percent and townhomes appreciated 7 percent. Another key finding is that attached homes grew by 150Continue reading “Boulder: Attached Homes Could be Focus for Affordable Housing”

Boulder County: Final Approval For Occupancy Ordinance

The Boulder City Council gave final approval to an ordinance that will make it easier to enforce the city’s occupancy limit. The ordinance doesn’t change the occupancy limit but gives the City new enforcement tools. Property owners must put the legal occupancy limit on their rental license applications and post it on the inside ofContinue reading “Boulder County: Final Approval For Occupancy Ordinance”

Boulder County: Five Available City Council Seats

So far there are seven candidates who’ve been certified as official candidates for the Boulder City Council election. They are incumbents Lisa Morzel, Suzanne Jones and Tim Plass, plus Planning Board members Aaron Brockett and Leonard May, neighborhood activist Jyotsna Raj and former Level 3 Communications executive Bob Yates. At least two of the newcomers willContinue reading “Boulder County: Five Available City Council Seats”