Boulder: Height Moratorium Extended

The Boulder City Council voted 8-1 with Bob Yates dissenting, to extend the existing building height moratorium until July 19, 2018. The moratorium was implemented in 2015 and prohibits buildings taller than 40 feet in most neighborhoods. The Council was swayed by the testimony of multiple citizens, who pleaded for the moratorium’s extension, saying tallContinue reading “Boulder: Height Moratorium Extended”

Boulder: Building Height Discussion New Version of Growth Debate

Boulder’s latest controversy is related to the proposal to remove developers’ ability to request height variances for a two year period. Observers call this one of the nastiest political fights in years. The reason this discussion has become so heated is because it is the latest variant in the growth/no growth debate. Boulder is aContinue reading “Boulder: Building Height Discussion New Version of Growth Debate”