Weld County: Incumbents Re-elected to BOCC

Sean Conway (at-large), Mike Freeman (district 1) and Barbara Kirkmeyer (district 3) easily defeated their opponents and won the right to serve another four years as commissioners. Conway and Kirkmeyer lead the North I-25 Elected Officials Coalition and lobbied hard for the passage of the transportation bonding bill in the last legislative session.

Greeley: GARA Endorses Incumbent Commissioners

GARA’s Board of Directors voted to approve three recommendations made by an interviewing committee. After interviewing five of the seven Weld County commissioner candidates (Carl Erickson and Lynette Kilpatrick did not respond to repeated invitations), the committee unanimously voted to recommend the three incumbents: Sean Conway (at-large), Mike Freeman (District 1) and Barbara Kirkmeyer (DistrictContinue reading “Greeley: GARA Endorses Incumbent Commissioners”

Elected Officials Agree on List of Highway Funding Options

At the last I-25 Elected Officials Coalition meeting, the group agreed to support a list of State level I-25 funding options promoted by Weld County Commissioners Barbara Kirkmeyer and Sean Conway. TRANS bond funding (such as the proposal initiated by NCLA during the last legislative session). A general fund allocation for transportation. Legislation to reviseContinue reading “Elected Officials Agree on List of Highway Funding Options”

Group Lobbies Chairman of House Transportation Committee re I-25

The Chairman of the US House of Representative’s Transportation Committee, Bill Shuster (PA) held a field hearing in Colorado at the behest of Congressmen Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman in preparation for the reauthorization of MAP-21, the federal transportation funding legislation that expires this fall. The hearing gave a group of local officials the opportunityContinue reading “Group Lobbies Chairman of House Transportation Committee re I-25”

Candidate List Growing for 4th Congressional District Seat

The list of Republican candidates scrambling to fill Congressman Cory Gardner’s seat is growing.  Weld County Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer and Larimer County businessman Steve Laffey join State Sen. Scott Renfroe and District Attorney Ken Buck, both of Weld County, who previously announced their candidacy. How can someone from Larimer County – or anywhere else inContinue reading “Candidate List Growing for 4th Congressional District Seat”

I-25 Expansion Jeopardized by Politics?

As previously reported, there is an opportunity for Northern Colorado to receive a $1.43 million grant to begin the expansion of I-25 north of Highway 66. But the project CDOT has suggested has run into opposition from Weld County and some of its communities that adjoin the highway.   They don’t support the plan toContinue reading “I-25 Expansion Jeopardized by Politics?”