Amendment 66 Goes Down in Flames

The latest plan to fix Colorado K-12 education lost badly at the polls. 66 percent of Colorado voters said no to Amendment 66. By the way, the measure was approved by voters in Boulder and Denver counties (52 to 47 percent). At a fundamental level the failure of the measure can be attributed to voters’Continue reading “Amendment 66 Goes Down in Flames”

WSJ Weighs in on 66

In a recent editorial, titled “Rocky Mountain High Taxes: Democrats and Unions Try to Kill Colorado’s Flat Tax,” the Wall Street Journal issued a scathing indictment of Amendment 66. Calling the amendment “ the Colorado Tax Increase for Education,” the editors said, “Its real purpose is to repeal restraints on tax increases and open theContinue reading “WSJ Weighs in on 66”

Amendment 66 – Key Question for Voters

This ballot question, which would restructure Colorado’s K-12 financing system, is the most important item facing voters this November. Unfortunately, it is an extremely complicated measure that would require sacrifices from the middle class in the form of increased taxes. Here’s some food for thought intended to highlight some of the measure’s most controversial aspects.Continue reading “Amendment 66 – Key Question for Voters”

CAR Opts Not to Take Position on Amendment 66

The Colorado Association of REALTORS will not to take a position on the ballot question that asks voters to increase income tax to pay for K-12 education. Many business groups have made the same decision, feeling that taking a position one way or the other is a lose-lose proposition. CAR did not want to supportContinue reading “CAR Opts Not to Take Position on Amendment 66”

School Finance Reform Question Finally Approved for Ballot

After a long wait, the Secretary of State finally announced that Colorado Commits to Kids had enough valid signatures to put a measure on the November ballot. As has been discussed in the past, the measure, now known as Amendment 66, would increase income taxes to raise money for K-12 education.  Now its supporters haveContinue reading “School Finance Reform Question Finally Approved for Ballot”