Is Your Best Foot Forward Online?

If you choose to market your listings via online portals we encourage you to complete your agent profiles to best represent yourself to consumers. We created three videos to teach you how to do just that on Zillow, and Trulia. Take a moment to put your best foot forward and make a great onlineContinue reading “Is Your Best Foot Forward Online?”

Real Estate Professionals: How To Set Up Your Social Profiles

In the previous article, we discussed how to prove that you are a legitimate real estate agent online through social media and profiles. Regardless of how you choose to represent yourself for your business, your profiles need to exist and be accurate and complete to prove your legitimacy to those who are searching for you.Continue reading “Real Estate Professionals: How To Set Up Your Social Profiles”

Are You a Trustworthy Agent?

How Lead Generation Begins “Does anyone have a great real estate agent to recommend?” John asks at the weekend BBQ. Four people reply to John and he writes down the names of four local agents. But, John doesn’t call any of the four. Where’s The Trust? Would you trust a stranger with $1? Maybe. WhatContinue reading “Are You a Trustworthy Agent?”