Boulder: Council to Pursue Affordable Housing Sales Tax

At a study session the City Council confirmed its desire to set a goal of 10 percent for affordable housing units (rental and owned). Using this number, it means currently Longmont would need 3,800 housing units to meet this goal. In her opening remarks, Kathy Fedler the City’s Housing and Community Investment Manager, noted “WeContinue reading “Boulder: Council to Pursue Affordable Housing Sales Tax”

Boulder: Linkage Fee is Official

As of September 7th new commercial projects will pay a per square foot linkage fee to augment the City’s affordable housing fund. The fees will be phased in from 25 percent on June 7 to 100 percent in June of 2016. For example, the fee for a new office will cost $2.38 PSF when theContinue reading “Boulder: Linkage Fee is Official”