Capital Expansion Fee Discussion Leaves All Options on the Table

For months the City of Loveland has been collecting input about capital expansion fees (CEFs), otherwise known as impact fees. Since 1984, the City has collected over $107 million from developers through this funding mechanism. The revenues have been used to build or expand a variety of public facilities, including law enforcement facilities and equipment,Continue reading “Capital Expansion Fee Discussion Leaves All Options on the Table”

Council Approves Creative Sector Advisory Commission

The City Council gave final approval to the creation of a Creative Sector Development Advisory Commission, which will assist in the retention, creation and attraction of jobs in the creative sector. According to the City, the arts & culture sub-sector is an $8.9 million industry, generating $82 million in payroll dollars annually. The program isContinue reading “Council Approves Creative Sector Advisory Commission”

Council Approves Creation of Jobs Development Fund

 The Loveland City Council decided to move forward with the creation of a Jobs Development Fund, agreeing to allocate $5 million for the initial effort.  Other communities in Colorado (and elsewhere) use a revolving loan fund for this purpose. The fund is intended to stimulate economic development, job creation and redevelopment of downtown; itContinue reading “Council Approves Creation of Jobs Development Fund”

Council Extends Affordable Housing Designation for Two Projects

The City Council agreed to extend the affordable housing designation for Aspen Knolls (McWhinney) and Wilson Commons (Giuliano) allowing the builders to retain incentives and related development fee reductions that were set to expire. The Wilson Commons project, dormant since 2000 when it was approved, will get an extension through 2022, locking in development feeContinue reading “Council Extends Affordable Housing Designation for Two Projects”

Council Closer to Economic Development Strategic Plan

Earlier this summer the City Council asked staff to begin the process of developing a citywide economic development strategy which the Council could use to prioritize the spending of public money for such efforts. Over the past five years, the City of Loveland has taken a varied approach, such as offering financial assistance to theContinue reading “Council Closer to Economic Development Strategic Plan”

City Working on New Development Review Process

City of Loveland planning staff received approval from former City Manager Don Williams to hire a consultant to help the department streamline and improve its development review process. According to Planner Bob Paulsen, the main criticisms have been that the process is too slow, lacks integration and needs to be repeatable, consistent and dependable. PaulsenContinue reading “City Working on New Development Review Process”