Staff Unveils Neighborhood Compatibility Proposal

City staff has completed its draft of proposed development regulations to preserve neighborhood compatibility in residential construction and remodels. The problem, according to some, is that scrape-offs or pop-ups change the look and feel of older, established neighborhoods. The key elements are as follows: 1) Regulation of Certain Design Elements – Eve height, window height,Continue reading “Staff Unveils Neighborhood Compatibility Proposal”

Revised Floodplain Regulations Could Limit Construction

City staff and the Water Board are recommending that the City prohibit building in the Poudre River’s 100 year floodplain, which is more restrictive than the existing code and would impact 2,000 acres and 256 parcels. As usual, there was a difference of opinion on Council. Wade Troxell opposed the stricter regulations while David RoyContinue reading “Revised Floodplain Regulations Could Limit Construction”

Neighborhood Compatibility Regulations Considered by City Council

The City Council is continuing its push to consider the means by which to regulate neighborhood compatibility in the older neighborhoods on both sides of College Avenue. The problem, according to some, is that scrape-offs or pop-ups are negatively impacting neighborhood character because they are out of scale with the surrounding houses. At a recentContinue reading “Neighborhood Compatibility Regulations Considered by City Council”